Kayak Pictured Rocks Sep. 6 – don’t have to kayak great – only serious (Grand Rapids, MI)

I have actually an extra ticket to kayak on Sept. 6 along with a guide through Uncle Ducky Outdoors on the “Paddlers Choice” trip: http://www.paddlingmichigan.com/plan-a-trip/sea-kayaking/

Ticket for Another at the price of $65 (kayak rental included). Then pay for your part of lodging (probably around $20 a night unless you get your own room at around $60) and your food. DON’T have actually to be a hard core kayaker to go, merely some experience. Right now there are 3 of us going.

We would certainly leave Grand Rapids Fri, come back Sun. Let me know if you’re seriously interested and I’ll offer you more details! Initial come Initial serve for the $65 ticket.

If anybody else would certainly like to go as well they’ll have actually to buy their own ticket ($130) and will certainly have actually to chat about carpooling (we have actually room for a couple more in our vehicle) and lodging.

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