Daily PEFR Studies In Bronchial Asthmatics During Yoga Therapy

Abstract : Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) is a good indicator for the lung function capacity. Daily PEFR recorded in 161 patients of bronchial asthma after yoga therapy of one hour daily for 15 days has shown significant trend toward s improvement. Yoga is found to be an important non pharmacological approach.


The failure of conventional medicine to provide complete cure of psychosomatic ailment has prompted researchers to consider alternative methods of treatment. Yoga, the science for controlling the modifications of mind by relaxing the muscles, slowing down of breath and calming down of mind and thus evoking, stabilizing and expanding awareness in all our transactions is emerging as a solution. The results of our earlier studies1,2 indicated distinct possibilities of the utility of integrated approach of yoga therapy a comprehensive program of yogic practice beginning-with physical exercises, proceeding through breath control, to mind control techniques like meditation. In this paper are presented the results of some further short-term studies in bronchial asthmatics.

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