Experienced & Patient Certified Math & GED Test Prep Tutor (Cache/Lawton, OKArea)

Are you needing tutoring help with any of the following areas?
• Homeschooling
• Military Vets or adult learners trying to improve employment skills
• Basic Math
• Pre-Algebra
• Algebra I
• Geometry
• Adult Basic Education (ABE)
• General Education Development (GED) 2014 Test Prep (any of the four subject test areas: Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies)

Hopefully I am one source who could help you.

• Educator (secondary school math classroom teacher — administrator) for approximately 35 years.
• Tutored several students.
• Taught hundreds of students.
• State certified.
• Doctorate in educational leadership.

Recent Experience
• Adjunct math instructor in adult education [ABE (Adult Basic Education)/GED (General Education Development)] for Lawton Area Lifelong Learning Center (Lawton Public Schools) until the GED center was closed in June 2014.
• First superintendent at Lawton Christian School in Lawton, OK. Assisted LCS in receiving its initial accreditation

Tutoring Thoughts
• I enjoy teaching students who really want to learn and have set a goal, but are either behind or are not connecting with their teachers.
• I am committed to dispel the math phobias of students who are weak in the subject.
• Tutoring provides an avenue for a student who is not behind to advance more quickly without having to wait on other classmates to come up to speed.
• It allows me to keep in mind the learning speed of each student and permits a student to work at his/her own pace.
• It allows me to give my entire attention to the student. This makes the learning experience both an interactive and fun session for the student.
• I see myself as a patient academic coach who believes all students can learn.
• I have experienced a higher victory rate.
• I could be tutor math and GED Test Prep but I actually teach hope.
• Life is full of choices, and I choose hope.

• Help students succeed to the point that on their own that they will not need me.
• I will have worked myself out of a job. How much better could it get?

Tutoring Fee
• $20 per hour
• Additional travel cost could be calculated using driving time if warranted.

Session Length & Frequency
• Usually one hour per week
• Can be adjusted to be more or less depending on the student’s/family’s needs

• Typically done in a library or your home.
• The key is it must be a place that will be free from distractions so you can have the best experience possible.

• No charge for a lesson in which a student or parent is not completely satisfied with my tutoring. This is especially true on the first session.
• If you or I see that my services will not help there will be no charge for that session.

Schedule a Tutoring Session today! Text, call or e-mail.

—Dr. Mike

Reviews from previous students:

“Thanks for everything you have done for me and my classmates. We are so blessed to have a teacher like you, Dr. Mike. You are an amazing teacher.” Sultana (GED student), Lawton, OK

“Dr. Mike, you are a great student advocate, instructor and are full of wisdom.” Jackie (parent of student being tutored), Lawton, OK

“Dr. Mike was the BEST teacher I’ve ever had! I had so much trouble with Algebra 1. He would certainly help me after school so lots of afternoons. I would certainly not have passed 9th grade if it wasn’t for him. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. He was amazing!” Michelle, Miami, FL

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