Would like to meet a group of nerdy/gamer friends (Grand Rapids area)

I’m looking for brand-new friends (or maybe even a circle of friends) that like ultra nerdy games (Magic the Gathering, D&D, etc.) and meet weekly or semi weekly to have actually get togethers for gaming.

My ideal clan would certainly involve people that like to:

*Discuss philosophy, science, theories
*Ambitious and innovative
*Enjoy trying brand-new things
*Agnostic or atheist (though I won’t judge you if you aren’t)
*Enjoy nostalgic video games from the 90s/2000s
*PC gamers
*LAN partiers (I love Civ 5, and other LAN based RTS’es. FPS not as much but I’d play that too)

Basically I moved here about a year ago after college got a 9-5 and bought a estate and it’s damn lonely. The people I have actually met have actually absolutely nothing in common along with me (play sports, religious, not into philosophy/nostalgia/fantasy games).

If you think I would certainly be a good match along with you and your friends let me know.

I am 27, so I’d prefer to meet people 18 to 40, but my ideal friend from back estate is 44, so I can pretty much have actually fun along with anyone if we have actually a similar mindset and interests. It’s hard to meet people like I described, so finding a close knit group of friends meeting that criteria would certainly be awesome.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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