The Best Exercise Ball Workouts

Once you have actually your exercise ball, you can easily start doing some exercise ball workouts.

Before you begin, you will certainly need to inflate the ball. Most exercise balls come along with a hand pump, so inflating the ball will certainly merely be a matter of removing the plug from the valve in the exercise ball, inserting the tip of the air pump hose into the valve and pushing down repeatedly on the air pump until the ball is inflated to the size listed in the guide that comes along with the ball.

While slight variations may occur from brand to brand, a 55cm ball is usually inflated to 68″, a 65cm ball to 80″ and a 75cm ball to 93″. It’s important not to over inflate the ball so be sure to measure, not guess. This can easily be done along with a soft measuring tape or a piece of string. Once the ball in inflated, remove the hose from the valve, quickly reinsert the plug, and you’ll be ready to start exercising.

Exercises ball workouts ought to be done on a clean, level, non-slip surface, away from direct sunlight and any heat sources or sharp objects that could damage the ball.

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