Fitness Benefits of Trampolining

There are two types of trampoline: the large, rectangular or round one you’ve probably seen in backyards or at the gym, and the small, usually round, mini exercise trampoline or rebounder, commonly used for rebound training.

Measuring around 12 to 16 foot in diameter, once set up the backyard trampoline will very much be a permanent fixture, while at around 3 foot, the mini exercise trampoline is very easily transportable so can be moved from room to room.

Whichever type of trampoline you decide upon, aim to work out on it at least three or four times a week. Opinion varies on the recommended footwear to wear. Some suggest light sports shoes, others socks and yet others consider bare feet to be the way to go. I’ve tried all three, and find that wearing cross trainers provides me along with ankle support and better traction than if I were barefoot, while socks somehow make my feet feel restricted.

Following is a 30 minute trampoline exercise routine that is suitable for both backyard and mini-trampolines. The only real difference is that due to its larger surface area, you will be able to jump higher on a backyard trampoline.

If you haven’t exercised before or for a while, you may only be able to jog for a few minutes at first. If that is the case, it’s fine to rest for a minute or two then resume jogging. Try to go a little longer without stopping each time you jog, even if only ten or fifteen seconds.

30 Minute Trampoline Exercise Routine

  1. Warm up by marching on the spot for two minutes.
  2. Jog on the spot for twenty minutes.
  3. Jump on the spot for three minutes. Jumping too high could result in a fall, so aim for your jumps to be around three inches above the trampoline’s surface.
  4. Do Jumping Jacks for three minutes. Again, jump no more than three inches above the trampoline’s surface
  5. March on the spot for two minutes to warm down.

Do this trampoline exercise routine on a regular basis as recommended above, and you should find that a few months down the track you will be able to jog non-stop for the suggested twenty minutes.

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