ALN Labor Day Nitrean+ sale

[IT’S LABOR DAY – IT’S TIME FOR YOU THE CUSTOMER TO GET REWARDED!! – code at the bottom of this message]

We have actually been relaying the message for a few weeks now, but in case you are not aware, we are a brand brand-new company. Yes, we have actually been around for 12 years, but we are now the rarest of the rare…. the .01 percent of supplement companies that manufactures its OWN products! The other 99.99 percent are just businessmen in an office marketing their products while a custom manufacturer, which has actually nothing to do along with the company, makes the ACTUAL product. We are legit, we are in the trenches and we are now moving fast!


Our top selling Nitrean protein collection is an extremely popular product in the CrossFit, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness world. How has actually it become so popular? By word of mouth. Forget about the $13,000 one page ads companies place in magazines. Forget about the thousands and thousands of dollars spent on banner ads, internet advertising, and click-through ads. The most powerful advertisement for a company’s product is word of mouth; when a product is recommended to each other by friends, family members, and associates simply because they love it.

There is another form of word of mouth that has actually additionally been integral to building our business, and that is unsolicited recognition and endorsement by some of the giants in the fitness industry. For example, fitness publishing giant Rodale (publisher of Men’s and Women’s Health magazines as well as many books) began recommending our Nitrean collection both in their magazines and their manuals completely without our knowledge. We didn’t advertise in their manuals and we didn’t ask them for it. It happened, and it happened because if you make something good enough, it will get recognized!

We did mention a Labor Day reward at the top of this notice, so here is what we are going to do; we are going to run a Labor Day weekend special on Nitrean+. Use the code below and save over 10% ($8) on each and every 70 serving jug of Nitrean+ you order.

Code: TRYNITREAN – valid from Friday 08/28 – midnight E.S.T Monday 09/01

Chris Mason
AtLarge Nutrition, LLC

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