ToeSox Yoga/Pilates Socks

ToeSox Full Toe Along with Grip Yoga/Pilates Toe Socks are designed to be worn while doing yoga or Pilates.

To prevent injury and get the most from a yoga workout, it’s important that the poses are done Along with the feet properly aligned. These socks have actually a horizontal stripe that is positioned to go across the metatarsal head, giving a visual clue to the wearer which enables them to maintain correct form during Pilates mat Reformer or Cadillac workouts.

Due to the sock’s unique design which wraps around each toe individually, increased flexibility and strength is realized during workouts. This toe separation allows greater blood circulation, further reducing the likelihood of a workout sustained injury

ToeSox mold to the wearer’s feet, ensuring maximum comfort. They have actually non-slip soles, so your feet will certainly stay firmly in place even during the more challenging workouts.

Toesox are made from breathable organic cotton which will certainly tips stop your feet from overheating as you exercise. They come in six sizes ranging from XX-Small to X-Large, and fourteen attractive colors including solids and stripes. Colors include White, Tan, Red, Purple Stripe, Pink, Hot Pink, Red Stripe, Blue Stripe, Grey, Green/Blue Stripe, Grass Green, Blue/Blue Stripe, Blue Stripe and Black.

The following sizes are recommended for females:-
Child: XXS, Shoe Size 3-5.5: XS, Size 6-8: S, Size 8.5-10.5: M, Size 11-13: L

The recommended sizes for males are as follows:-
Child: XXS, Youth: XS, Shoe Size 5-7: S, Size 7.5-9.5: M, Size 10-12: L, Size 12.5-14: XL

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