The Best Weight Training for Women

The importance of taking in the right foods for your workout cannot be stressed enough.

An adequate amount of protein is vital for building and maintaining muscle, so aim for aound 25% of your calories to come from protein. Any much less and you will be burning lean muscle, pretty than fat.

The recommended protein intake is one gram for each pound of body weight that is not fat. This means that a woman who weighs 140 pounds and has actually a body fat percentage of 25 ought to take in 105 grams, or around four servings, of lean, healthy protein each day. Healthy sources of protein include fish, chicken, turkey, soy products, cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs.

Forty to fifty percent of calories ought to come from carbohydrates. Healthy carbs include brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, wholegrain bread and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The remainder of the diet ought to consist of healthy, unsaturated fats. Good sources include avocado, ground flax seeds, olive or safflower oil, mackerel, salmon, natural peanut butter and almonds.

Ideally, while weight training, eat several small protein based snacks/meals per day, pretty than three larger meals. This will help keep hunger at bay and provide the muscles along with the nutrition they need as they grow and develop. Include a carbohydrate component along with each meal, as well as a small amount of fat.

Splitting meals, additionally works well. By eating half of your meal before exercising and the other half after, you will be giving your muscles protein to use during your workout, and more protein to use after when they are repairing and growing,

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