Justitia is approaching 67; this time she hopes her workouts stay steady and even….

So 8 mos ago (last mid-December) I started a thread about how I was back, gaining on turning 66 along with hopes that I could regain what fitness I had achieved before, 5 years ago, and move on even further.

I indicated that the last 4 years have actually been largely consumed along with my partner’s physical decline but now we had reached a steady-state – and I was hoping to turn my attention to myself – which had been neglected for far too long.

What I had not anticipated was that shortly thereafter (like weeks), I was faced along with my own medical issues that I describe in a post here: Justitia’s Surgery and Miraculous Recovery

So now I am back once more — I am on medical leave for the fall semester and have actually 3 months to focus on getting back into shape (which simultaneously will restore my strength after joining bed for 4 months.)

I have actually a lot of other catch-up stuff to do in my personal and professional life which was seriously neglected for the 4 years I focused on my partner– but my chance is I can work through that this fall as well.

So as I indicated in the post linked to above, I have actually a food plan that evolved from working along with both Swolecat and Mastover and tweaked for myself.

I was hoping to develop a workout routine that involved 3 days a week fasted cardio and twice a week weights along with a two day split routine.

Lo and behold I discovered that Mastover — before he left — wrote up a 2 day split routine here.

He said it was one of the most grueling work outs he had done — so not only will I have actually to scale it way back but scale it back even for me as I try to rebuild even just a normal amount of muscle.

Mastover says that he did no cardio when doing the above routine. But he was never a big fan of cardio anyway.

But I really like cardio– it helps me a lot and I will just see how it goes coupled along with a scaled back version of his two day split. I am not able to do HITT – so fasted LISS is what I will be doing.

I have actually Physical Therapy exercises that I am supposed to do twice a day — but once a day 5 days a week will be it.

I am going to continue those because they focus specifically on the muscles that were weakened as a result of the surgery (nerve damage and the like). Although those muscles should, in theory, be worked out anyway along with the weight routine– what my PT said was the body learns quickly to compensate — and those muscles will not regain their strength unless I do exercises specifically targeted for them and do not recruit other muscles that are in OK shape to do the work instead.

The PT exercises are not hard and take about 20 minutes to do. They feel a little silly but I can sense the fatigue in the muscles they are targeting. So my goal is to do the PT exercises in the opposite time of day than the others.

So if I am doing fasted cardio in the AM, I will do PT exercises before dinner. If I am doing the weight routine in the late afternoon, I will do the PT exercises in the morning.

So my goal is my food plan, my PT exercises 5 days a week, 2 day split upper/lower along with weights Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3 days a week fasted cardio Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays — and the weekend off to rest. (I am 66 after all 😉 )

I will take measurements at some point — but right now my height is about 5’3"+ and my weight is 157 lbs. (I lost 20 lbs during the surgery period but have actually gained 10 of it back in the last 2 months.)

I don’t know when I will have actually the courage to post photos.

I aged a lot in the last 5 years and don’t have actually the more youthful look you see in my avatar from 7 years ago when I was 59. And losing 20 lbs while in bed and gaining 10 of them back before working out– came on all as flab and gut — so I am pretty grossed out by my own appearance.

But here we are — off to the start. :nod:

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