Bryson Andres — Amazing Musician

Been a while since I’ve done any off-topic sharing.

This is a video that popped up on website I was viewing at some point a while back. Glad it caught my attention before I close it because the guy appears to be an amazing musician. Clearly talented, he’s decided to go the street minstrel route instead of a professional route.

He uses an electric violin and is able to play riffs that he can then use as musical support , through feedback loops, for the next riff he plays. He is able to control each riff loop along with his foot via the pedal on the ground and weave the various ones in along with each other as he wishes.

This includes a "drumming beat" he creates by banging on the electric violin.

I was sort of struck by this the initial time I heard it on a pop-up; it caused me to pause while I searched for the close button and then I listened to the whole thing. For a while I listened to it every day.

Note how some people on the street are struck by the music and pause for a moment to listen.

I haven’t embedded a Youtube link in years — so I chance I am doing this correctly.

EDIT: Well I can’t figure it out so here is the link. Would certainly welcome a description of how to embed Youtube videos.

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