Outdoor Cooking Group (Grand Rapids NE)

I am looking to meet periodically along with other local individuals who share an interest in outdoor cooking. I think it would certainly be great if we could get a group that meets together periodically in order to share ideas and just cook stuff regardless of ability level.

I am talking about all outdoor cooking including:

Clam Bakes
Solar Oven Bakes
Low Country Boil (Crayfish dinner, shrimp boil, etc…)
Dehydrating (jerky)
Fish Fry
Cauldron soups

If I missed some I did not mean to. I am interested in all of it. Right now I am trying to perfect Reduced country boil recipe. Reply if you are interested.

Here goes along with the disclaimer stuff…Gender does not matter. I don’t care what bathroom you use at the mall, you may join this group, but this is not a sex league. I do not have actually all the equipment to do everything, and no I will not rent out what meager gear I have. No I will not cater your wedding, yes I know you would certainly very eat carrots then meat, but I don’t feel that way, No I don’t care about your dad’s wicked awesome skirt steak recipe, no my grill or other tools are not for sale, nothing is for sale, nothing about money, and when I talk about cooking I mean cooking…nothing encrypted. I am not starting a cult, I will not help your kid along with their homework, and I am not taking deposits on anything because nothing is for sale, and no I sure as hell don’t want any “pics”. If anyone contacts me along with questions about anything not related to outdoor cooking I will poke out their eyes and smoke them for dinner over some hickory chips.

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