Legally Blind Personal Trainer to Solve Huge Problem in the Fitness Industry

Brent Kasmer, a legally blind and certified, personal trainer is helping to develop a comprehensive, personalized fitness app that fixes the two major problems leading the fitness industry today.

PR9.NET June 28, 2016 – Brent Kasmer, a legally blind and certified, personal trainer is helping develop a one-stop shop fitness app that fixes the two major problems leading the fitness industry today.

– All fitness solutions offer a one size fits all type program
– They don’t eliminate all the reasons we quit our exercise program

His disability has actually been helping him to not only better understand the physiology of the body, but additionally be more empathetic to those struggling to maintain their fitness program.

Unfortunately, due to the ever-changing demands on us and our continued lifestyle changes, finding a solution that satisfies all our varying needs is virtually impossible so over time our exercise programs are discontinued.

A study conducted by the University of Scranton indicates that only 8% of us that start a weight loss goal actually reach that goal. In order to ensure our responsive web application’s victory it was necessary for us to determine the top reasons for why people don’t reach their goal and quit their exercise programs.

The top 8 reasons that we’ve found are:

– Affordability
– Time
– Uniqueness of traits meaning one size does not fit all
– Lack of accountability
– Injuries &/or lifestyle changes
– Lack of knowledge
– Undefined goals
– Lack of plan or direction on how to reach goals

Our commitment is to not only provide the world along with an easy, effective solution to a continued problem… but additionally to overcome all these barriers that typically do not allow a person victory when trying to reach their weight loss or health goals.

The founder of the app, Jennifer Kasmer, his wife and Owner of Everlasting Changes in Charlotte, NC believes so strongly in the concept of the app that she made the commitment this year to push forward along with the crowdfunding campaign to collect funding necessary to develop the app. The campaign launches July 1, 2016 on Indiegogo. Jennifer is aiming to at least raise 30% of her 100K goal to achieve what’s known as “GoGo” status. She will start outsourcing the money once this level has actually been achieved, so that full development of the app will be done prior to the Brand-new Year.

We plan to include features that are similar to other fitness apps, but will additionally include
added benefits never done before such as:

– the ability to like or dislike exercises choices
– ability to shuffle style exercises in a fun, unique way to mix them up and never do the same workout twice
– allow you to add in injuries or ailments for modified programming
– offer you accountability to show up by a pt check-in system
– a reset functionality if you haven’t exercised in a while that will allow you to restart at a lower level of fitness until you’ve regained strength or recovered from your injury

We are excited to bring this innovation to the world and offer a more comprehensive, affordable solution to those looking to improve their health.

We would certainly like to know how we can work together to spread the word regarding our campaign and initiatives!

To reach us, you can call us direct at (330) 774-0477 or email us at

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