ISO Early AM Female Running Partner(s) (Rockford)

I am just getting back into running and am looking for one more person or two (preferably female) that would certainly like to join me 3-4 times per week for an early morning (about 5 am) run near the downtown Rockford area before work. I don’t really feel safe running alone at that hour, plus it always helps to have actually some workout buddies – we can keep each other motivated! At my current fitness level I can probably do about 3 miles in 30 minutes, give or take. I’d like to job up to more mileage and a better pace yet that will come along with time. If you’re at about the same pace and fitness level and like to get your day started super early, email me and we can job out the details (meeting location, potential routes, etc.). Maybe we could choose a 5K a few months from now to job toward as a goal. I used to run in HS yet have actually just not been consistent along with it in several years.

I’ve searched for a Rockford running group and am surprised to have actually come up along with nothing…appears like such a fitness oriented town. If there is one already that you know of, I’d be interested in joining. Otherwise let’s start our own!

Please note that I am extremely skeptical and cautious about dealing along with strangers from CL so if you are contacting me please do your rather finest to prove to me that you’re not some sort of psycho. I may even ask for references to be sure.

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