Earth-Based Religious Followers?

So I’m seeking other individuals in the Grand Rapids area that may have actually some/all similar beliefs in what I believe in…
If you follow a path of peace, nature, spiritual realm, reincarnation, auras and/or Earth-energies then I ask please read below and see if any of this sounds like something you might be able to guide me in a general direction with.

**This is not AT ALL sexual related AT ALL and if you inquire me about “expanding” into ANYTHING sexual I will immediately stop talking to you. I am looking for someone and/or a community that I can speak to in peace about this ever-gnawing topic on my mind, like a sanctuary or a group.**

I’ve been very much in tune along with nature-based religions for the past 6 years now…
I usually just say I am Neo-Pagan because it’s easier to explain to people.. but I’m not sure what I am.
I know I can feel life forces, and I know that for a year or so I really focused on meditating and channeling my mind to where I was naturally picking up on auras (which is unlike any feeling I’ve ever experienced).
I don’t meditate anymore and so it’s not nearly as vivid as it once was, but if someone has actually a strong enough emotion something triggers in me where I get a clear “feeling” of their aura.
I don’t physically see their aura like you would certainly a light bulb, it’s more like when you think of memories.
You can picture in your mind, and almost see it through your eyes, but it’s just in your brain.
That’s how the auras have actually seemed to work for me.
It’s more of my subconscious sending off an impulse that I identify along with a color, more than “seeing” the aura around people.

I was raised in a Christian family, and went to a Catholic school, and had a belief that I didn’t truly, deep down in my heart, believe, and so I was SO lost for SO long and I didn’t even know it.
Once I started discovering that there is more out there than just Christianity, I feel like I was actually able to open my eyes for the first time in my life.
Something I truly could connect with, and deep down know is true.

Like I said, I’m not entirely sure what I would certainly be “classified” as.
I do know, however, that I believe that every living thing has actually an energy that is transmitted through everything else living.
Everything is connected, and the power of those life forces and energies are so unbelievably strong than 95% of people will never see it.
I believe there is an afterlife, and I believe there is an in-between spiritual realm between our world and the other side.
I’ve had some very vivid, first hand encounters along with the spiritual realm.
I am as confident in saying that there are spirits as I am in saying I breath oxygen.
Though I lived through these experiences, even saying them out-loud sounds like just a story.
But they were VERY real.
And I don’t talk about them much, or the auras, because people… people don’t understand.
They can hear what you’re saying, but they don’t UNDERSTAND what I’m saying.
That this is real.
This is amazing.
And I feel connected in a way to some “unusual” things in society that others just don’t have actually that connection to.
I can explain what I felt, but it’s just words.
To feel what I’ve felt… like a natural heroin that nobody believes you have.
So lots of unanswered questions, and I’ve felt like I was on this journey all by myself…

I have actually yet to find a single other Pagan in real life in those 6 years, and have actually only met one Wiccan.
I’ve been very alone this whole process and I’m craving more than knowledge I just read in books.
I want a group I can talk to… people who share the same feelings and don’t look at me like I’m crazy.
Someone who I can have actually a conversation about this and have actually them actually understand what I’m saying, and feel the same way (HA! That would certainly be a gift in itself…!)
I got a hold of someone claiming to spread Shamanism, but he wasn’t a Shaman, just spiritual in nature.
Even he seemed to get quiet after I told him some stories about what I’ve felt.

I know I’m not crazy.
I know there is much more powerful work going on in this world that I couldn’t even BEGIN to put into words, understand, or explain.
I feel like there’s so lots of answers within my finger tips, and I just haven’t been able to find a guide, or a partner in this path of enlightenment.

I’m looking for anyone who may share my feelings about the Earth being a vessel of energy and power, about life forces and auras, about the spiritual realm, and about there being REAL “magical” essences to tapping into the forbidden culture of those energies…
Not like Harry-Potter-waving-a-wand-and-creating-fire-balls magic… REAL magic.
A REAL, unexplained, powerful presence that can inhabit your body and lift you to an explainable level of enlightenment.
I feel like I only experienced a pin-prick worth of the vigor and energy pulsing underneath all of us, and like I reference above, it’s like a Heroin.
It’s powerful, emotional, empowering, exciting and addicting.

I’m like a lost puppy, who doesn’t know their way home, but knows the smell of meat, and is trying to follow it.
I’ve been looking for years for someone to come put a leash on me and lead me to it, instead of wondering around aimlessly, alone, and blind in the dark.

I don’t know who I am, or what I follow.
I don’t know if I’m all alone, or if you guys are just hiding.
I just know after six years, this… this is real, this is what I truly believe, deep down, is real.
This is what I believe in, what I breath to, what I sleep to.

I will post this on a few different sections of Craigslist to see if I can find anyone.
E-mail me if you would certainly like to contact me, and than I will give you my phone number.
I don’t have actually my phone number or name up for protection (and judging) purposes.

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