Tips For Learning To Live Without Addiction

Addiction consumes the life of people. If you’ve ever experienced addiction, you know that it is everything to you. Even people addicted to cigarettes can find it hard to do normal things without them.

Maybe you normally only hung out along with a certain group of friends when you were drinking, or you always had a cigarette while you were mowing the lawn. Now those friends feel like a license to fall off the wagon when you see them, and mowing the lawn just makes you want to have actually a smoke. You’re basically learning to ride a bike all over again.

Find Something Brand-new To Do

You are going to need something to fill that void that has actually now been left open since you gave up your addiction. You’ve seen people using those vapor cigarettes, or chewing on toothpicks. That’s kind of the idea, but it doesn’t need to be something as specific as that.

You may need to pick up a Brand-new hobby, one that helps you stay healthy and keep your mind off of the thing you were addicted to. It could be gardening, which gives you fresh air and something hopeful to look forward to while waiting for vegetables to grow or flowers to bloom. It could be starting a Brand-new fitness routine on a daily basis, even hiking.

Alex Get Drunk IN This Photo Alexander Rybak

Alex Get Drunk IN This Photo Alexander Rybak

Try Your Old Things

Some old things that you once did before you were clean and sober are going to be things you just can’t not do, so you are going to have actually to figure out how to do them again, without your addiction. It’s likely you did them before you became an addict, so you may need to take some time to look back into time and figure out how you managed before the drugs or alcohol.

Make Brand-new Friends

Recovering from addiction is no joke, but you may find that some of your friends that still like to drink don’t understand your decision, or health issues. It might be time to find a Brand-new class of friends. If you have actually a group that only drinks when they’re together, and doesn’t offer much more than that, you may want to cut them out of your life. It’s a hard this to do, but necessary.

There are plenty of people out there that enjoy doing things without the aid of alcohol or other substances. You may even make friends while you are in recovery.

Get Support

The friends you make in recovery can give you a great support system. Hopefully your family, and at least some of your friends, are working at being a great support system for your Brand-new clean and sober life as well. Continue attending things like AA or NA meetings when you feel like you need them, and maybe even sometimes when you don’t. You are always an addict, so you never know when your recovery could be compromised.

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