Need Wristbands for Electric Forest (Grand Rapids)

My dear girlfriend of 40 years celebrates her 90th birthday this year. She has actually always wanted to go to Burning Man however could not because of health concerns. This year I found out about the Electric Forest and am taking her to it because it is the closest thing I’ve found to Burning Man that is possible for her. I made hotel reservations last year however missed the tickets when they went on sale. Altogether, we need 3 wristbands and am negotiable on the price of each. Even if you just have actually one or have actually been there, I’d like to talk along with you. I arrive 6/13 from Hawaii however could have actually my cousin get them earlier. You can reach me anytime from 1 in the afternoon to midnight your time or text anytime.

I additionally have actually some nearby hotel reservations that I could pass along to you as well if you don’t want to camp.

I can email you my references.
do NOT contact me along with unsolicited s

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