Ready to burn some fat?! (Scottdale)

BAC Personal Training specializes in helping people gone weight. I am ACE and NASM certified along with 15+ years of experience!

Ladies and Gents… If you are looking for a Fat Burning Workout Plan… Hit me up. I have actually some phenomenal ones available! Burn fat! Build strength! Build muscle endurance! Build your Cardiovascular system! Along along with Personal Training… I offer Personalized Workout Plans written up just for you, along along with dietary guidelines. If you don’t belong to a gym, that isn’t a problem. You can do the workouts at home.

Workout Plans and Dietary Guidelines start at $60! Affordable for everyone. And for your convenience, I accept PayPal, Google Wallet, Credit/Debit card (I use a quite secure bank credit card service)!

Let me know exactly what your goals are. Chance to hear from you soon.


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