Leave The Gym & Lose Weight With Your Phone

Weight Loss Nation is the brand-new kid on the block for helping people shed weight and acquire a healthy lifestyle on your smart phone.

PR9.NET April 09, 2016 – The standard monthly cost of a gym membership is $58, and from that amount, $39 per month goes to waste due to under-utilization. This is due to 67% of all gym members do not go to the gym, and even more gym members fail to go regularly. According to a 2005 study, “Paying Not to Go to the Gym,” by economists Stefano Dellavigna and Ulrike Malmendier, standard gym attendance is lower than 4.8 visits per month.

Weight Watcher’s announced fourth quarter active memberships were down 4.8% and the number of members attending in-person meetings was under one million people, despite the brand-new partnership along with Oprah Winfrey.

Weight Loss Nation Podcast host Diane Daniels, is leveraging the increase of podcast listeners (in 2015, 33% of all Americans aged 12 and older, have actually listened to a podcast)versus going to the gym, and weight watcher’s in changing the way people want to shed weight.

The brand-new podcast will consist of a 90 day challenge, along with online tools including : coaches and mentors, video meals, exercise videos, online support meetings and a private facebook community, which the individual can use in the comfort of their car or home.

Eating real food, increased water consumption and utilizing alternative methods to traditional exercising is the foundation of the online podcast.

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