Adjusting Meal Plan for Macros

Hi JSF Forumers…

I’ve paid for so numerous meal plans I could have actually BOUGHT abs by now so now it’s time to learn to tweak them myself.

I’m male, 40 years old, 5′-9" tall and currently 182.6lbs

Shooting for 1901 calories, macros 50% (P), 30% (C), 20% (F)

I’ve had a meal plan that stripped fat off however left me exhausted. No fun.
Had one that was fun to eat however I lost NO fat.

I’m looking for a happy medium…foods I like that additionally causes fat loss and I’m trying to stick to Tom Venutos Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Here’s exactly what I’ve got so far…

…and that gives me…

So I’m short…
269.1 calories
11% protein
10% carbs

..and over fat by 1% however I’m not sweating that.

exactly what are some options I could add that won’t throw all the various other numbers method off?


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