Buttlifter.net Launched to Offer an Easier Way to Get in Shape

New website launched to target fat, cellulite and the middle aged spread without the need for the gym.

PR9.NET February 16, 2011 – There are lots of diet plans, extreme exercise guides and workout DVD’s, and all focus on cutting back on the calories working out to get in better shape. This is undoubtedly the very best bet for long term improvements to health, and the key to getting a better body and keeping weight at an acceptable level. However for lots of people, finding the time to get to the gym or to dedicate to working out is a luxury which often can’t be afforded. For lots of women, their body shape is acceptable, and doesn’t require much assistance, but for those who are already active and exercising but do not see results fast enough, there are a range of products on the market to offer an instant improvement to body shape; ideal for when a big event is looming and there is not time to fit in 6 months of toning exercises.

Body Shapewear is not a Brand-new thing, with corsets and bustiers used since the 18th century to get a more feminine hourglass shape. Girdles for women have actually long been the main method of reining in excess bodyweight and repositioning it in a more attractive manner, despite the fact that the range of women’s shapewear products now on the market has actually expanded considerably in recent years. With tension on women to have actually the body beautiful and always look at their best, it is perhaps no surprise. Recently the rise in toning shoes popularity is testament to the fact that lots of women want a helping hand when it comes to getting in shape.

Buttlifter.net has actually been created to bring all of the shaping products together into one convenient location, and to offer advice on all of the different products. It provides information on how they work, what they do, and how a small outlay can have actually a major effect on body appearance. Website creator Jennifer Lee explains her reasons for setting up the website. “I was looking for shapewear on the internet and I struggled to find information on the products in one place, and it took me ages to find what I was looking for”. She goes on to say that “by bringing all of the products together onto one website, I hope to make searching for shapewear as easy as possible”.

When products are available to give an instant improvement to body shape, searching for them and purchasing them should not take such a long time. When a quick fix is needed, it is needed fast, and the Brand-new website offers the opportunity to not only get firmed, cinched, and smoothed, but to do so with consummate ease and to get the right garments quickly.

The range which launches the site includes around 30 different shaping options, from butt lifter jeans through to full body shapewear, despite the fact that according to Jennifer it is just the beginning. “I aim to cover every type of shaping product, and will be keeping the website updated with all of the latest releases”.
The full range of body shapewear, waist cinchers, corsets and bustiers can now be found on http://www.buttlifter.net

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