MoveMeFit: New Online Fitness Platform Delivers High Quality and Social Workouts

MoveMeFit launches providing access to hundreds of the most effective workout videos. Features recommended workout videos by top fitness instructors and working out along with friends, virtually.

PR9.NET July 10, 2013 – MoveMeFit, an innovative online fitness platform that makes it easy and more fun to workout anywhere, launches. MoveMeFit inspires exercisers to try brand-new workouts based on recommendations that fit their specific goals. “We’re focused on helping people achieve the fitness results they want through customized workout discovery and a fun workout experience; for instance, if you are an intermediate athlete, along with 30 minutes and a yoga mat, and want to lose weight, we provide a selection of workouts that match your goal”, says founder and CEO Katie Markov. Users no longer have actually to worry about wasting a workout on something too hard, too easy, or that won’t move them one step closer to their fitness goal.

To deliver these workouts, MoveMeFit has actually partnered along with the fitness industry’s top instructors to provide high quality fitness videos, offering the most effective selection of workouts in a variety of categories from strength-training to Pilates to Tai Chi. Videos can vary from two minutes to over an hour long. They also have actually videos for stationary bike rides and treadmill runs from Virtual Active. Instructors include Amy Dixon, Leah Sarago, and Toby Massenburg to name just a few. MoveMeFit members get unlimited access to hundreds of workouts for a low monthly subscription, which is less than half the price of just one fitness DVD.

Additionally, MoveMeFit provides a noteworthy social element. MoveMeFit allows you to workout along with a friend virtually. Exercisers can stay motivated by scheduling workouts along with friends, and then workout alongside their friend to the same video. Working out together makes exercise more engaging and fun. It also adds accountability to workouts, helping exercisers stick along with their workout plans. Still, users have actually the option to workout alone or along with a friend. The MoveMeFit site can be quickly accessed on a laptop or mobile device, saving exercisers the time it takes to get to the gym. For even better viewing, users can access the site through a broadband TV or connect a device to their TV.

Markov got the inspiration for MoveMeFit after discovering the convenience and intensity or working out at residence herself. along with her own wedding a few months away, she wanted to get in her best shape. Despite the fact that Markov played varsity sports in college and has actually worked out both at the gym and outside for years, she had never tried residence fitness. At a friend’s suggestion, she tried a residence workout DVD and realized that residence workouts are enormously effective and also save the commute to the gym. After this experience, she wanted to create a platform that makes working out at residence extremely accessible and motivating for exercisers.

With plans to expand the MoveMeFit platform, the team is in the process of developing a mobile app so that exercisers can have actually even easier access to working out on the go. To learn more and access a free trial, visit MoveMeFit.

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