West Mi Ayahuasca! (Grand Rapids)

Hello! I’m glad your interested in Ayahuasca! It’s perfectly legal in Michigan which is great!

I’m looking for people interested in creating shaman workshops for people. Basically like ayahausca prep, history sessions, induction ceremonies, ayahuasca ceremonies, safety tips and important various other things.. I am a shaman and lightworker located in Grand Rapids! I additionally know lots of various other practices, I am a supplier of ayahuasca and have actually knowledge of growing, farming and the processes! and I’m a teacher of ayahuasca, it’s use and spiritualism. I know hermetic wisdom and job along with chakras, energy healing, hypnotist or trance state, and astral travel. I can do traditional or modern ceremonies along with ayahuasca, or smokable DMT and incorperate various other styles of spiritualism!

Please message me show contact info I prefer text.. if your interested in connecting along with me!.. looking for activity partners :)!

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