Pulled Muscle, Pinched Nerve? Weak Left Arm

Well it’s simply this: My left arm has actually become significantly weaker than my right, and I have actually no idea how it developed. :bang:

My triceps routine consisted of skull crushers or close grip b. press, or dumbbell triceps extension, followed by dips on the Cybex Pull-up / Dip Machine. After tri’s I do chest (just one exercise).

About a week ago I began in earnest my triceps routine along with dumbbell extensions. I started along with a lite weight to warm up and I was shocked when I found my left arm shaking from just holding the bell overhead. When I began to lower the bell, I found I could barely keep control of the dumbbell. It took massive effort to extend my arm to raise the bell to the starting position! Frustrated after just two reps, I switched the bell to my right hand–No problems! I banged out rep are rep for three sets!

I do recall during one of my earlier dip sessions I felt a slight "pull" around my left shoulder, nothing painful, surely nothing I’ve not felt before.

There is no pain in either my arm or shoulder–it’s just weak!

Maybe I need to give my arms and delts more recovery time?

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