Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace: 4 Tips for Business Owners

Employees are an organization’s strength and a weak workforce certainly cannot help a business grow. As a business owner, taking care of your employees’ health not only benefits your employees, but your business too- after all, healthy employees are more productive!

Moreover, having healthy employees also cuts down on long-term health care costs, making investing in workplace wellness programs profitable. If you’re willing to promote health and wellness in the workplace, here are 4 tips that you’ll find useful.

Focus on Preventive Care

By focusing on preventive care, your employees will fall sick less often and they’ll avoid missing out on days of work. Start with offering discounts on annual health checkups and particular tests so that employees can get them done and take required steps to stay fit.

If possible, have doctors or medical professionals visit your workplace twice or thrice a year. This way, employees will be able to talk about common health issues and get timely treatment without having to leave office premises or taking time out of their busy schedules.

Also, offer incentives or rebates on health insurance. If the health insurance policy doesn’t cover common infections like flu, provide on-site vaccines or reimbursement for vaccinations.

4 Tips for Business Owners

4 Tips for Business Owners

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Encourage Having an Active Lifestyle

While it is common knowledge that regular exercise is key to good health, a lot many people don’t work out or fail to stick to their exercise regimen due to time constraints. Others, just lack the motivation to get active!

It is important to note that according to studies, having a sedentary job – which involves being seated at a desk all day – can be detrimental to health even for individuals who exercise daily. As such, exercising regularly isn’t enough; leading an active life is what’s more important.

Try these ideas to get your employees to lead an active lifestyle:

  • Enable employees to exercise at any time during the day by making work times and break times flexible.
  • Offer gym memberships for free or at discounted rates.
  • Consider having an office gym so that employees can work out as and when they want to. An office gym shouldn’t necessarily have expensive gym equipment- you can just have a couple of jumping ropes, resistance bands, weights, yoga mats, etc. to get your employees going.
  • Hire a fitness coach or yoga instructor to conduct sessions at the workplace.
  • Play easy workout videos in the gym or the lunch room during specific times of the day. Order motivational poster, stickers or print as freebies and put them up on the walls.
  • Install one or two standing desks and cycle chairs in each department or on each floor depending on the size of your workforce and office space. Also provide stability balls so employees can trade them for their normal chairs and keep their core muscles engaged while working.
  • Promote walking meetings where employees take a walk around the block instead of sitting on chairs while discussing projects. If that’s not feasible, hold ‘stand up’ meetings!
  • Distribute wearable trackers like Fitbit among all employees so they can keep track of how active they’ve been.
  • Provide public transport allowance.
  • Encourage employees to ride a bike to work; make sure there are ample and secure bike parking facilities in your office building.
  • Have a shower room so employees don’t mind working up a sweat while coming to office or during their break time.
  • Start a rewards program where employees earn points for biking or walking to commute. Employees can also earn points for taking the stairs instead of the elevator or exercising during break times. Points earned can be used to get discounts or coupons.
  • Create an employee sports team and organize matches annually. Also, organize fun runs, marathons, and other events for charity.

Offer Healthy Foods

Eating healthy food is just as important as leading an active life. So ensure that your employees have healthy snack options to choose from in the cafeteria. Do away with sodas and stock up on milk, unsweetened juices, infused water, yogurt, etc.

In addition to this, stock vending machines with nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, and other healthy choices. Go a step further and have a ‘fresh fruit’ day where you keep fresh fruit baskets in the lunchroom!

Help Quit Bad Habits

Smoking and consuming excessive alcohol is injurious to health, and though you cannot dictate the lives of your employees, you can surely help them change for the better. For starters, make the office, company vehicles, and all company events smoke-free. At company events, promote responsible drinking and feature more non-alcoholic drinks.

Encourage employees to speak to their doctor about giving up smoking and alcohol. Provide information on rehabilitation programs and offer subsidies on the same.


Workplace wellness programs benefit employees and eventually, the company. Considering that each and every employee has some or the other type of health risk, it absolutely makes sense to introduce health and wellness in the workplace.

With the tips given here, you now know that promoting health in your workplace is easy and doable. So get started on it as soon as you can to have a healthy, happy, and productive workforce!

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