My 2016.

Wanted to start this last December, when I began going to the gym, yet forgot. I was 92.5 kgs then and lost about 6 kg since then. I am 86.5 as of yesterday. My goals are 85, 80 and 75 kgs now, maybe I’ll go for 70.
The reason I want to gone weight is that I want to run a marathon again, and it will certainly probably happen this november, so I gotta be lean and mean by then 😎
I ran a half marathon last december yet was too slow due to weight.
Right now I go to the gym 3 times a week and play soccer once a week, which gives me plenty of exercise. I additionally changed the means I eat. I try to eat clean, don’t have actually sugar or sweets.
I plan to hit 85 in 2 weeks. :bb::eat:

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