Healthy Cooking and Fitness Accountability-Part One 32nd Bday Prep

I’m starting this really late in the evening, -morning, derp. But I had to get my first day down into the journal. The gist is – getting the holiday pounds off and prepping for upcoming birthday which I would certainly really like to be at the best health and fitness-wise I have ever been.

I haven’t been sleeping well with 3 cats now wanting my attention in the wee hours of the night and launching themselves at my bedroom window from outside. They’ve now got a cozy arrangement under the truck canopy with tons of straw and a fleece bed which they seem to adore. Spoiled.

Considering I’ve stayed within 10lbs of my weight in the last 12 years give or take a few, I feel pretty good about that. But I’m starting to get flabbier as I get older, don’t have the muscle density I used to and notice way more cellulite. And I’ve never been super fit.

My cooking skills have improved and I’ve been learning much and truly grateful for the paleo recipes and fabulous books out there in existence these days!

The last two days I have had a freaking stomach ache from stressing out about a few things while eating, which is never a good idea to do since my digestion just shuts down. So I started off today with a green smoothie for breakfast and took my vitamins. Green smoothies are gorgeous. The unmelted coconut cream chunks makes it look unappetizing and the texture sucked but the thing did taste wonderful especially with almond milk.
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We got our first egg from our chickens on Christmas day! The difference between grass and insect-fed homegrown chickens’ yolks and store bought was so awesome to see when I put them in a bowl to make cornbread. Our egg is on the right and store bought egg on the left yolk is yellow and flaccid and the eggwhite is runny.
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coffee with cream
green smoothie – spinach, almond milk, coconut cream, orange juice

smoked almonds, hard boiled eggs, raw veggies with dressing, lemon water

spice rubbed salmon, creamed spinach, russet potato

clearing garden space by digging sod, planting roses, and playing around with the brand-new pup

Tomorrow morning I have to get up early to deal with big government and be on hold for a couple hours first, so perhaps no early morning workout unless I can hear the speaker phone volume clearly.

It’s dark as heck in the morning out here in the sticks and I don’t want to get eaten by a coyote, so I’m doing squat jumps indoors. Really just started those and wow they get your heart pumping.

I will run with the pup after that when it gets light because he loves it so much. It’s my first dog and he’s a 75lb golden lab and is clumsy so the running is far from smooth sailing.

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