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Hello everyone, I am doing a research paper for school regarding polyamory. To submit answers to the questions, label the answers by number, or cut and paste the questions as you please. You don’t have actually to answer to any question or respond to this questionnaire.

The data I am looking for is a single binary response to a single question, however I am asking several questions to obtain this answer. If you wish to see the final outcome of this pretty simplistic research paper, or wish to know what the actual research question was, please answer along with a “yes” or “no” at the bottom of the page.

Feel free to answer as little or as much as you wish. All data (within my power to affect) will be destroyed. No details outside the specific inquiry of any sort will be conserved within the final paper.


1) Do you participate in *consensual non-monogamy, or participate in a partnership where monogamy is not expected?

2) Need to “next of kin” rights be granted to multiple partners of one person?

3) Since the **Supreme Court ruling of 2015 do you think people have actually changed how they feel regarding CNM?

4) Need to marriage equality allow for multiple marriages or civil unions to a single individual? I.E. Need to consensual three way (or greater) marriages exist?

5) How often, if ever, does CNM effect relationships along with immediate family relationships?

*Consensual non-monogamy = CNM.
**Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide; June 26, 2015.

Do you wish to receive a copy of the final research paper? A reply will be sent to same encrypted email address used to answer these questions in about four weeks.

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