Tips For Making Sure Your Home Is A Healthy One

There are lots of things in your residence that can cause illness. You can prevent it by keeping your residence clean, and by purifying the air you breath and the water you drink and cook with. It’s not a very difficult task, you just need to be vigilant in your cleaning.

Keep It Clean

Don’t wait until your residence looks like it’s a mess to start cleaning. You should be dusting on a daily basis. If you have actually pets they are shedding, and you yourself are shedding skin on a daily basis as well. This creates a lot of dust, which is an allergen.

Dust and vacuum a few times a week, at minimum. Take your trash out when it gets full, or sooner if you know you’ve tossed something that is going to rot and start to smell. Clean counters in your kitchen every day, sometimes more than once depending on what you’ve been making.

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Look For Mold

Mold can creep up on you from what seems like out of nowhere. If you’ve had a roof leak or window leaks you could have actually mold in your ceiling or in your walls. For this mold you’ll need to have actually a professional come in.

Stop leaks in your sink areas to prevent mold under them. When you do find mold use some bleach mixed along with water to clean it up. The bleach will help kill the mold. But you’ll want to wear gloves to protect your skin and a mask to protect your lungs.

Air Quality

The quality of the air you are breathing in your residence is important, which is one reason to fight mold. But mold and dust aren’t the only allergens and bad things in your air. To clean out air pollutants you can invest in an air purifier.

There are also plants that can help clear the air of toxins naturally. Those include aloe, ficus, and even ferns.

Water Quality

Not only does your air need to be clean to help you stay healthy, but if you are cooking along with your tap water, and drinking it, you should want to make sure it’s good for you too. Buying a purifier to attach to your faucet to get great water right from the source. You can also get pitchers, so you can have actually pure, cold water.

Having a cleaner home, and paying attention to the air you are breathing and the toxins that might be around you, will help you live healthier. Sometimes dust and other air contaminants can have actually an affect on people, and might even cause asthma or aggravate it in people that have actually already been diagnosed.

Don’t be afraid to buy a mold test kit, or have actually somebody come in to inspect your home. The money spent is well worth it to help protect your health.

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