Small Room Rescue: Take Your Bathroom from Dark and Dull to Bright and Beautiful

As luxurious as spa-class bathrooms can feel, there’s often little space in the average urban apartment for them. If all you have actually to work with is about 400 square-feet for your entire home, you’d be lucky to set 10% of it apart for your bathroom. The problem with small bathrooms is that they often turn dark, cramped and depressing.  You need big ideas to brighten up itty-bitty bathrooms.

Go with a uniform color

While it can be nice to see different colors all over your bathroom, this is an idea that tends to work better in large spaces. With a tiny space, you need whatever visual trickery you can come by for a feeling of roominess. Using the same light color treatment throughout can help. It doesn’t hurt to play around with different shades of the same color, though, or to put a colorful contrast on the floor.

Use a rectangular sink

A rectangle sink often helps make better use of limited space — rectangles fit neatly between walls, and waste no space in the corners. A pure white ceramic sink or even a solid glass model can be pretty, and can brighten up your space.



Put a lot of believed into picking a mirror

Mirrors psychologically expand any space that they are placed in. A large mirror that covers an entire wall can be an excellent addition. If you’d like something decorative, an ornate frame can be classy.

Marine plywood for the walls

Bathrooms don’t necessarily need to be covered in tile. Marine fir plywood tends to be sufficiently moisture-resistant to stay dry in bathrooms. Such wood tends to be colored light enough to bring in a sense of openness, as well.

Think of ways to put storage in there

A tiny bathroom is hardly the kind of place that you would certainly look to for storage. Still, using imaginative ways to put in storage can help make your bathroom feel open and cheerful — it’s psychological; the mind sees any space with storage as larger than it really is. Whether you have actually formfitting cabinets on either edge of the toilet, under-sink storage or slim, mirrored cabinets on the walls, storage just makes everything feel nicer.

Add modern touches everywhere

Imaginative and modern touches are another psychological trick to help expand a cute little bathroom. An ultramodern touchless faucet, toilet flush, mixer shower and soap dispenser can make your time in the bathroom easier; psychologically, a bathroom that’s easier to use feel simply more cheerful.

Lavish attention on the lighting

Thoughtful lighting can open up the smallest spaces. Thankfully, lighting isn’t expensive, and it’s easy to experiment with different kinds of lighting — LED, incandescent, fluorescent and so on. Beautiful lighting will almost make everyone at house want to linger in the bathroom.

Finally, when you need glass partitions, go transparent

It’s conventional to partition off shower space in a bathroom with frosted glass. This isn’t a good idea in small bathrooms, though. You will only take away from the space available. A clear partition, on the other hand, can be functionally identical, and still make sure that your space is unbroken.

Candice Robson has actually always had a good eye for design detail in her work and transfers those skills to finish a number of makeovers. She likes to share her design ideas and tips with an online audience and is a regular writer for a number of property makeover websites.

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