Winter Hair And Skin Care Tips

It’s important to take care of your skin and hair throughout the whole year. There are even extra ways in which you need to protect your skin in the summer, when you tend to have actually more of it showing. But it’s just as important to take care of your skin in the winter, when it’s colder air and dryer air that can cause skin havoc.

You still need to protect your face from the sun, since the sun is still out there in the winter. It just means you are exposing less of your skin to it, which means you only need to use sunscreen on the parts that will get the sun.

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Dealing Along with Static

One of the downfalls of the winter season is the lack of humidity in the air, which can cause your hair to be dryer and cause static issues. Your hair attaching to things, it gets frizzy, and it’s just downright annoying.

The ideal way to deal Along with static is to avoid the hairspray, which likely contains alcohol that can dry your hair out even more, and instead find a light and dry oil that you can lightly rub on to help keep the static at bay.

Fighting Dry Skin

Dry skin is probably even more annoying than static filled hair. Dry skin can look bad, leave skin flakes all over your clothes (really annoying if you mostly wear black), and it can be itchy. Itchy your dry skin can lead to open wounds too!

Winter skin care includes making sure that you are moisturizing your skin, from head to toe. Even your scalp needs extra moisturizing during the winter, especially if you want to avoid dandruff flakes. You’ll get this moisturizing through things like Argan oil and your selected conditioner.

Healing Those Cracks

The worst thing about dry skin is when it leads to cracked skin. This often happens on heels, between fingers and toes, and on elbows. You need to take extra care to keep these tender areas from cracking and bleeding, which can lead to infection.

Find a good lotion that is made specifically for extra dry skin. You may want to reapply often, and even carry some Along with you in your purse or in your vehicle.

Try washing your hands less, which can dry them out extra. Use a moisturizing hand soap when you do wash them to help keep the natural oils in your skin. You can additionally do deep lotion and oil treatments on your hands and feet at night, by using an aloe lotion or oil, lathered on thickly, and covered Along with gloves and socks.

Protect the skin you’re in this winter season by keeping away that dryness. If your residence is extra dry, invest in a humidifier too!

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