PhillyDude’s 2016

Happy Brand-new Year to everyone.

I finished 2015 strong, stringing with each other several weeks of scheduled weight training sessions (Max-OT). I’ve got another week on that program, and then I’m taking the following week to go out to Vegas for some relaxation before 2016 starts in earnest.

I’m think I’m going to switch over to Jim Stoppani’s "12 Week Shortcut To Size" training program when I get back, which is a four-day a week schedule. While I understand the overload principles in Max-OT, I’m thinking more volume in my daily workouts (along with the addition of a fourth day) could be advantageous at this point in time.

We spent a few days in Vermont over the past week (Dec 29-29) visiting along with my wife’s sister. We had planned to do some snowboarding up there, however the mild weather denied the region of snow and we ended up doing a lot of sightseeing and tourist-type activities instead. That included tours of a brewery (Magic Hat), a distillery, a winery, the Cabot cheese factory, and the Ben and Jerry’s factory.

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