Looking for a workout buddy in age group of 40-50 (Wyoming area)

I would certainly like to get healthier yet would certainly like a workout buddy to make it more fun or to motivate me.
looking for somebody in my age group of 40-50, can be male or female yet prefer a female buddy.
I am a female that just wants to be healthier and maybe try to loose 20lbs.
I do like to walk, hike and swimming.
I likewise enjoy playing tennis yet not great at it, just like to play for exercise.
I love to be outside and along with the weather being so nice, I am enjoying walking out on the kent trails.
I am yet considering joining the Ymca. yet would certainly like a workout buddy for sure then.
I would certainly use the metro health drive one and the Grandville one.

If you want a workout buddy and are in my age group, email back!
Looking forward to meeting you!

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