Coastal Delaware Running Festival

I ran the half marathon last year and I am thinking of running it again this year. They have actually a 9K race, half marathon, and full marathon. The course is flat and somewhat scenic. Race support is good and it has actually a nice after party. My only complaint last year along with the after party was that the meals was upstairs.

It is April 24th, 2016. If anyone is interested in a JSF running meetup, let me know. I have actually 2 spare bedrooms and could reserve the space. I would certainly need to know by February / March before we start scheduling when we are having friends down.

The cost currently is $100 for the half. It goes up to $105 on Jan 1st. I don’t know if they will certainly do it this year yet last year they gave out a beach towel along along with the standard t-shirt.

Of course $100 buys a lot of towels. 😆

Here is the link to the website.

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