Re-introduction of sorts

Hi all…

If you see my join date (2004), I’ve been back and forth on this site since very soon after its inception. I can say in all honesty that, back then, it was a huge part of my success. Back in 2005 (I lurked for a bit before finally taking the plunge) I weighed 255lbs., was constantly tired, didn’t have actually confidence, and was bordering on depression. After meeting people here and enlisting their help, things turned around. I lost 80lbs., got down to 10%BF, ran a half marathon, did my PT cert and Believed I’d never look back.

I was wrong.

Two kids later and countless excuses, the weight has actually crept back a big. I’m not back to the 255 lbs, but am north of 200, closing in on 220lbs. I have actually tried to start but, for whatever excuse I came up along with at the time, I just never got back, really. But now, and having read John’s article on Excuses, I am ready. And what’s more, I have actually a partner to do this with–my wife!

I am planning to turn my garage once again into a fitness studio, a place where we can feel comfortable and make it our house base of sorts. I used to have actually a similar set up in my basement, until I sold all my stuff having told myself I didn’t have actually the room any longer along with kids — excuses, excuses.

I am starting to turn the garage this weekend. Here is starting equipment:

– olympic bar and plates
– adjustable db’s and plates (can’t afford set of hex yet)
– treadmill (I already have actually one that is very, very good quality)
– power rack
– adjustable bench
– BOSU — already have actually one

We will be buying flooring, but looking for suggestions for something economical — those squares sold at fitness stores really add up! I do have actually 4×8′ plywood to put underneath the power rack. Ideas?

I also have actually stereo, mounted tv/dvd and wall mirrors that I can install once I complete painting. I’ll send pics after.

Anyway, glad to be back and hopefully for good.



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