Linux Demonstration Workshop (1020 Long Blvd, Suite 8)

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My name is Stanley Bloomfield.
I have started an informal Linux Club with absolutely FREE Membership. Let’s Rock!
I am offering FREE Linux Demonstrations to convince people that Linux is much more than a viable option to Windows or Mac (Apple).
I will demonstrate Libre Office (FREE alternative to Microsoft Word: $100 – $280) using the Xiphos (FREE alternative to Logos Bible Software: $250 – $1,827) Application.
I will demonstrate GIMP (FREE alternative to Photoshop: $250 – $500).
I will demonstrate Kdenlive (FREE alternative to Video Editing Software: $60 – $130).
I will demonstrate Synfig Studio Animation (FREE alternative to Anime Studio: $300 a year).
I will demonstrate Rosegarden and Audacity (FREE alternative to Music Making Software: $75 and up).
I will also walk you through the Godaddy Hosting Account, WordPress Websites and touch on Servers.
I will also explain the Self Paced Certified Linux Administrator’s Course that you take. After this course you are close to a Marketable Skill. Liquidweb, on a daily basis is looking for Certified Linux Administrators!
My informal Club (to start) is looking for people serious about utilizing Computers and the Internet to their full potential!
Once I find those people we will convert others to Linux because Linux is awesome!
I’m updating this Post and the Update will demonstrate why.
Someone with the nic, JD sent this e-mail and I responded back and this person responded back. Here it is!
JD: If only you hadn’t mentioned the bibble. You instantly lost all cred.
My Response: Apparently you are a bigger loser than me because you took the time to respond to a retard! Don’t waste any more of our time!
JD just has to get the last word and responded with: Waste YOUR time!?! You’re a waste of Oxygen.
Looking back I wish I had responded a little differently to JD’s reply to this post!
I have presented several applications that are 100% FREE and I plan on showing all of them to those interested!
This means that if 10 people see my Linux Demonstration 9 out of 10 of those people will find at least 1 (ONE) application they have to have, at which point they will determine they need to install Linux on their computer!
JD’s approach seems to be, “Scorch the earth before showing me anything related to the Bible” and then anyone that is of a Biblical Mindset has no credibility!
Well, that is fine but the United States of American is made up of a super majority of some form of Christianity and all I’m doing is offering all the options possible to everyone in order to give them a reason to switch to Linux.
JD is the kind of person that will miss out on a good thing because he will reject even looking at 10 things because one of the TEN Things is related to the Bible!
People, I’m not promoting “Jesus Loves You” in my Linux Club, not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m promoting Linux and I’m offering Linux to everyone, including Christians!
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posted: 2015-11-26 8:40pm

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