Shed The Body Fat! (Grand Rapids)

If you’re not satisfied along with how you look, and you need a little extra help shedding those last few pounds or a jump start on ditching all the extra weight let me know. I’m an ACTION Certified personal trainer that specializes in weight loss through weight training.

You won’t bulk up in muscle unless you want to, yet you will shed the extra poundage. If you have actually a gym membership, I can come job along with you at your gym. If you’re not afraid of working along with me at my gym we can do that to.

Many options are available depending on just what you want. Stop working along with people that are only interested in getting paid from you. I know just what it’s like to go on the journey from fat and unhealthy to living a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Give me an email and we can talk about just what some of your goals are and figure something out to get you to where you want to be!

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