A Church that is in your heart/DNA (Grand Rapids)

Open invitation to all of you

Join a residence Church where you can feel along with everyone as a wonderful family of Christ. A place of Oneness where you can be one along with the Spirit of Christ to rejoice in the awesome presence of the LORD to become like Jesus. A place of prayer, praise, and practice where everyone pray for one one more by your name along with genuine care for you. A wonderful treasure where there are wonderful resources (theological and practical) that is applicable for bright and fruitful future. Here we walk with each other along with everyone in Christ so the enemies will certainly flee from us. Total residence environment just where you can feel free to talk and grow as you feel in your own home. Excellent opportunity to walk along with the LORD!
Join next Saturday at 6:01 pm to 7:30 pm

Please email and text only, on reply we will certainly send you the estate address and location. Thank you. God bless you. Take care.

Living Church of Jesus

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