Fall and Winter Fitness Group

During the seasons of Fall and Winter, it is common for people to comfort eat (hello Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Brand-new Years!), gain weight, get stressed, and even get a little down or depressed because the sun isn’t shining, you aren’t moving like you normally would certainly and (in Michigan especially!) you could be stuck inside sometimes due to the weather (you know- that dreaded “s” word). Even typing this up makes me think of Halloween candy, how get-togethers are on Thanksgiving, how Christmas can kinda be stressful along with all the hype on “I wants” and parties to put into your calendar, and Brand-new Years resolutions (like losing weight- how you might have actually promised to do that for years). Am I right or am I right?

What is one thing that can help you fix all of these- the stress, weight gain, comfort eating, getting down, and even feeling alone when you are trapped inside because of snow?

The answer is- a support and accountability group!

I have actually a fitness group starting on November 15th for those that want to get fit and healthy where everyone participating in it will be doing the same exact program (so we can all share what we love, struggle with, ask questions, etc and will all be on the same page).

What is included in signing up for this group:
– a list of nutrients dense food that are customizable to your needs (gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc)
– color coded containers to help you along with portion control
– a fun dance workout that teaches you step by step dances to popular songs such as “Chandelier” by Sia or “Treasure” by Bruno Mars
– an online support system via Facebook (so, no matter the time, you can ask questions, check in, talk to someone, etc. No need to do the old way of meeting at a location at a specific date and time just to talk).
– Accountability in your workouts, nutrition, and sticking to your goals because, remember, there is a reason why you are considering this!
– Group calls once a week (completely optional but how awesome would certainly it be to get on the call along with people on the same journey as you and learn, laugh, vent, whatever!?!)

** Within 24 hours from you emailing me saying that you want to join and including the things said in the photo, I will respond so check that inbox! If you are a little on the fence and would certainly like to have actually a phone call where I just talk you through- that’s completely fine! Just email me and say “Hey, my name is ___ and I would certainly like to talk a bit more about your group. My number is ____ if you could give me a call on (day and time) that would certainly be great!”

Look forward to hearing from you!
~ Lyndsey

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