Cutting Out All Inferior Foods, Need To Add a Protein Powder, Recommendations?

I’ve cut out GMO foods, HFCS, corn oil, rapeseed oil, vegetable oil, soy, no bread.

Right now I’m supplementing along with Nutiva Organic Coconut manna, royal jelly (don’t recall the brand name), Buried Treasure Mineral Complex concord grape, bee pollen, and cold pressed hemp oil. I keep all of them except the manna in the mini-fridge.

I’m planning on getting a blender and two protein powders to further boost my metabolism. I was going to go along with quest protein powder and was looking for a pointer to mix it with. 😉 I get my flavor from the quest protein powder so I’m looking for the very best unflavored bloody protein powder below $60.

I go to Finish Nutrition or GNC to get the quest protein powder, it costs $35 at GNC along with a coupon I have..

I’m in a cutting phrase, however ultimately, I desire to look like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. I plan on doing nothing however [i]cutting[/u] my body fat between now and December. Depending on how well I do between now and then, I’m looking at bulking back up to my current weight (211, along with the ultimate goal of being or below 10%). Suggestions?

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