Fitness Instructor – High quality training – reasonable price! (Cascade)

Hello people of Grand Rapids,

The brand-new year is nearly here. Let’s start working on those brand-new Years resolutions early!
I’d like to advertise my services as a Fitness Instructor.

I’m originally from Illinois but have actually been living in Grand Rapids for the last 15 years.

I am a sports and fitness nut. I have actually been an amateur martial artist for a few years, and have actually competed in a variety of other sports. Currently my personal focus has actually been on competitive bodybuilding in the Men’s physique division.

Over the last years I have actually trained myself into unbelievable condition, and maybe its time to impart some of my knowledge onto others.

Generally speaking I can cater for a variety of people:

Weight loss – let’s trim of those edges!
Toning and conditioning – let’s get that heart rate going!
Core strength – more than your old standard crunch!
Muscle gain – pump pump pump!
Stretching and flexibility – better than yoga class!

My workouts can be quite varied, and tailored to a customers specific demands.
Over the years I have actually developed a wide number of routines, incorporating elements from crossfit, circuit training, and professional sportsman and coaches I have actually trained with.
I believe a lot in bodyweight and circuit training exercises. e.g. we will choose 5-10 different exercises and finish then say 5 times within a 20 minute period.
I also love running, cycling and swimming – and have actually a number of ways to improve strength and conditioning in these sports.
Weight training is also a necessary part in improving ones physique and I have actually a number of great workouts to improve muscle mass and quality.
I understand fully the impact of weight training and am extremely careful not to over do this area. My workouts are tailored to minimise the risk of injury.
Nutrition is a key part – you are what you eat – and I am happy to make suggestions in terms of diet and supplements.

I Work out of a private gym in Cascade (5 minutes from the I-96) – along with a whole variety of workout stations. Great for 1 on 1’s.

I am very personable, and rather jovial. I will push you as hard as you wish, and our sessions will be enjoyable and rewarding.

I offer everyone a free health and fitness consultation. Where we will meet, get to know each other a little and hopefully look to build a structured routine to help achieve your goals.

From then on I will charge a very reasonable $199 a month. This monthly package allows people to take advantage of every ounce of motivation without breaking the bank paying session to session.

If you would certainly like to arrange a trial please email me via the CL email address.
Please tell me your age, weight, reason for wanting a PT, goals and importantly any injury’s or medical conditions you may have.
I will respond along with a pic or two of me and my gym, so you know who I am where we may be training.
Please note that I won’t take on anyone recovering from a serious injury or serious physical problems as you require a doctor not me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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