PhillyDude’s Olympia Weekend Spectacular

OK… so for those who don’t know, I went out to Las Vegas to check out Olympia Weekend first hand this year, and in addition to meeting numerous of the competitors, I brought estate bags and bags of swag… some of the very best brand-new products on the market for the fitness industry.

I’m going to try and highlight some of my thoughts on everything in the next few weeks, and I believed I would certainly start along with some "Best Of" awards this week… but before I do, I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing any company or product, only giving my honest opinion. And in deference to the sponsors of John Stone Fitness, I’m not going to post any reviews of competitive products here… on days when I do write about supplements, I’ll substitute some photos from the event instead. You can follow all of my posts on Facebook at UltimateFitnessLifestyles.

My vote for the "Best Booth" has actually to go to the fine folks at Shredz ( This wasn’t just a trade show exhibit… it was a party all weekend long (and they also hosted a real party off-site as well). From the massive amounts of volume coming from their DJ and hype man, to the massive amounts of product being freely distributed (I brought estate a t-shirt and a wrist watch), to the massive amounts of people crowded around (and blocking the aisles), it was the place to be. ‪#‎shredz‬ ‪#‎shredzarmy‬ ‪#‎iamshredz‬

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