Journal for my Quick Cut

Day 0 — Introduction and goals; currently at 195 lbs

Hi all! Just a quick intro. I’m a long-time gym rat and medium-level cyclist, so the JSF site talks a lot to me (like to lots of others as well). I’m fairly familiar along with the cutting cycle yet have actually gotten from shape over the last 6 months, so looking to get it back under control. I’m starting on a brand-new mini-cut and decided to log my progress for the initial time. So here goes! I’m 6’0" and currently at about 195 lbs. I just came back from vacation so am fairly bloated at the moment. My goal is a simple 10-15 lb loss, so looking to hit 185 minimum yet more desirable at 180. I’ll get my bodyfat stats in the next few days. Today I ate clean yet planned out some meals, went grocery shopping, and plan to ‘officially’ start tomorrow, so today is "Day 0". My training will be a mix of cycling and weight training.

I’ll be posting my progress on a daily or every-other-day basis just for fun; if anyone wants to follow along I’m more than happy along with that.

Cheers and will talk tomorrow! :tu:

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