The Proclaim’er Challenge – Walk and/or Run

John Stone’s information this week about declaring your intentions in public, along along with my birthday this week (which brought about my intentions for the next year) inspired me to start this challenge. You can easily join any time, along with the goal being to accomplish the task in one year’s time.

Walk 500 miles, and run 500 more. It’s that simple.

Forgive my paraphrasing the lyric from the Proclaimers one and only hit single from the 80’s, yet it seemed appropriate. And forgive me for making a terrible pun in the challenge thread title, yet it seemed appropriate as well.

I plan to put one information here along with my weekly mileage totals, and edit it to show the numbers as they go up towards the goal. Have actually fun!

BTW… if you walk four days per week, you would certainly need to do about 2.5 miles (2.4 to be exact) a day to hit your goal. If you run three days per week, it works out to about a 5k (3.2 miles to be exact) to get that part of the plan.

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