Going for 160

More potato dieting for me, starting today.

Cheat day… err weekend for me so no use in putting a starting weight. My lowest weight last week was 173.8 lbs. last spring I lost about 28 lbs. eating mainly potatoes along along with a little butter. Obviously a serious caloric deficit too. Potatoes are highly nutritious even having a finish protein. Likewise potatoes and fairly satisfying. I was shocked by how easily I lost weight I had been trying to gone for years. anyway I ended up at 169.8 yet didn’t want to diet all summer to get to 160. So I’m back now to complete the job. I will certainly start by eating potatoes (all varieties) 5 days per week along with 2 days of healthy eating except for 1 meal of anything I want. I may stop at 165 depending on how I feel we will certainly see. That’s all for now.

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