Constant back trouble, please, please help :(

Hello all,

I haven’t been here in a while, mostly due to yet another issue I have actually been struggling with for almost two years now. I’m exhausted and feel just beaten down with health stuff. My issue THIS TIME is chronic back trouble, and after many, several visits to doctors and well over $3000 in medical bills, I’m no where better than where I started. You all have actually been so damn helpful and supportive before, and after several pointless trips to the doctor here (who did absolutely nothing but showed a horrible attitude maybe because of the poor care in a foreign country(?), then gave up), I have actually no where else to go. Please, please, help me.

First, two good pieces of news. After a long ass time I was able to heal my elbow tendon. It still gets a tad angry, but no real pain or problems. Second, I’m actually building up slowly and able to work out still. For some odd reason, lifting doesn’t seem to be the cause of my back trouble. I’m moving slowly, but I’m up to 85 kilo squats, 62.5 kilo bench, 35 press, even though a bit weak on the deadlift due to some worries, at 80 kilos. Row is 40 kilos.

Now the problems. I will give as much detail as possible, so sorry for the length.

Every day I wake up with my back stiff and angry. No matter how I seem to sleep, it doesn’t help. I use a roller, my back pops like mad, I stretch, pops like mad. I have actually some relief after that, but it will return. Especially if I’m not sitting up perfectly straight with good back support in a chair. This is very hard to find since I’m a researcher and have actually to do a lot of work.

I feel my muscles near my hip bones and lower spine are just tight and pissed. There is a spot where my spine contacts my ribcage from below that is also extra unhappy most of the time, and it feels like my spine/rib cage is "stuck" bent forward a bit. Where I have actually to roll it and pop it into flexibility. I do various stretches multiple times a day, I take medicine, and sometimes it will actually improve for whatever reason; however, it always, always comes back.

The doctors I went to I asked to do full checks. CT MRI, XRay. Nothing came back showing any actual problems. They said just the muscles were a bit angry… then gave up and said they didn’t have actually any recommendations but just do some stretches and watch my posture. I can’t tell you how much I have actually tried to do this, but it doesn’t really make a difference. I don’t know what is causing such random and seemingly arbitrary trouble, and I don’t know what to do. My back never popped so much like this before.

The very best doctor I went to here was an Australian sports doctor, and while super expensive because he wasn’t covered by insurance. It was a short appointment, but he explained what he could. He said it could muscle spasms due to something I did, related to posture, and weak ab and support muscles. Since that time I have actually spent plenty of work on sit ups and watching my posture. But hell, I’m so desperate I’m wondering if reading books, or checking my smart phone could be setting things off. I have actually no idea what to do now.

Please, please help me with some ideas and some avenues for information. I can’t say how much this has actually absolutely debilitated my personal life, as well as my current relationship. I have actually no clue as to why weight training isn’t pissing my back off, yet other things and sleeping is.

I’m begging at this point, and as a student I’m going broke with the medical costs already.

Thanks for any help or advice. I cannot emphasize by how much even just the effort is appreciated.

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