Need more support and accountability?

I am now accepting some more clients to guidance encourage, support, advise, and keep accountable on their journey to getting their goal body! I understand that, in this economy, things can be tough financially. That is why I offer a variety of budget friendly and even free groups, events, and more in addition to the more advanced options!

My Clients receive the following options to guidance benefit their goals:
– 1 Free Group each Month (on Facebook- so no driving or schedules to arrange or even babysitters to hire!)
– 1 Challenge Group each month (where the clients dedicated to reaching their goals along with no excuses pick a program and a nutrition plan if they desire and stick to it for one month)
– Weekly phone call sessions (where we talk specifically about your goals, your obstacles, your struggles, your achievements, nutrition, workouts, sleep, water intake, and more)
– Free recipes, fitness tips, and daily challenges
– Weekly Group calls for those that desire it
– a free group beach body account where you get the online community, goal trackers, more fitness and nutrition tips, you can log your workouts, get healthy recipes, AND even along with CASH PRIZES!!

If you are at all concerned about us being a good fit as a client/coach relationship- feel free to email me and ask me some questions! I will certainly gladly answer them.

My Goals, as a coach, are to guidance you feel happy, healthy, and be able to live your life by your design.

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I can’t wait to get to working on your goals along with you!

~ Lyndsey, Beach Body Coach

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