i want to create a podcast (grand rapids)

so here’s my idea for the format of the show: it’s going to be a panel of people and each person is going to pick a news item to talk about and they’re going to read the news article and the panel is going to discuss the item. it will will be political at times, but mostly have a light spirited and irreverent undertone and will have explicit language. we can discuss it and the conversation can create whatever kind of pathway that it would take. i may incorporate some sort of trivia game segment. you can talk about anything that you want to talk about. I want to create this to be recorded once a week. the podcast will be exactly 1 hour long so if we ever talked for 2 hours the content will be edited down to one hour. if we talk for more than one hour we could possibly extend the content to become two episodes but I’m looking for people who want to record a show once a week with me. it does not have to be the exact same group of people every single week and I’m not requiring the same people to come back every week but I’m hoping for some people who will want to return every week and record the show and be regular on the show to record the podcast. the show will be recorded over Google Hangouts & I will do all the production and editing you just need to get on Google hangout and talk for one to two hours and pick a news item to talk about. the amount of news segments should be equal to the amount of people on the show. each person picks an item, presents out, and then it is discussed. the conversation may trail off into something completely different which is ok. i want to record the first episode tonight. oh and to be clear, I’m not going to have people just sit there and read entire news articles word for word. just give a little description and then have a conversation about it. it can be about anything. politics, technology, sports, entertainment, whatever.
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posted: 2015-08-12 8:50pm

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