Random: Know of knitting lessons or groups for left-handed 6yo boys?


I have actually a pair of 6 year old twin boys. They both are really into textile creations (knitting, weaving, latch hook, tying string and ropes all over our house/trees). I’d love to harness their interest along with this and find either a group that would certainly be open and supportive to such young fiber artists, or a person who could give lessons and INSPIRE the 6 year old boy crowd. They are full of energy, and pretty vibrant, balanced along with intense concentration when working on fiber arts.

I (mom) have actually zero yarn skills. The boys are learning a bit in their summer camp. They are quick studies, though they are left handed, so you know, that makes things a little interesting at times. They have actually been doing some right handed knitting because that’s the only way my mother-in-law knew and could teach.

I’d love any leads/ideas! Please pass this along to anyone you know who could be able to help along with a lead. We live near Calvin College.

Thanks CL community!

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