Prodigal Son

It appears like some things never modification around here (John’s commitment to fitness in my 10+ years here). I yet have actually fallen off the wagon several times. I’m back on the wagon yet and just finished my very first Sprint distance triathlon at Naval Station Mayport, FL (finished 4th in Clyde division).

I’m relatively brand-new to road bikes and just bought a Trek Domane 2.3 to compete in the tris. I was primarily a weightlifter and then runner having done some half marathons in the past. However now… now I’m hooked on the cycling and want to continue doing longer tris. Great to see all the roadies here and I’ll be learning here along with everyone else.

Quick question though – do you ride along with earbuds? It’s definitely more pleasant, However definitely a safety issue so I have actually not been wearing them at all.

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